Words to Live By

Early Memories

I was sweating. When I looked around all I could see was a white abyss. Snow everywhere shooting up and over my head, my house disappeared in the background, I was rocketing down a hill straight towards the woods. I was inching closer and closer to the line of trees, I had just steered away from the cliff and was charging full speed ahead into the brush and then out of nowhere appeared a tree stump. I bailed. Rolling off the side of my sled giggling with excitement and adrenaline. I had come close but not that close. Sledding towards unmoving objects was more of a game of chicken where you would always roll off- just in time. I pulled myself to my feet grabbed my sled and tripped, falling face first into the snow. Still laughing I rolled over and looked up, there were big fluffy flakes now falling from the sky. I could smell the wood fire burning up at the house. Staring up at the sky and sticking out my tongue to see how many flakes I could catch. The trees rocked back and for the creaking in the breeze. Snow was all I needed and I have never stopped smiling.