Why I Travel

I travel to seek out new adventures, whatever they may be. I have stopped putting off life and started saying YES to live out my dreams. I finished grad school, started a business, bought a pickup truck and the mountain bike of my dreams. I stopped the excuses and began to find the ways to say YES! 

One year ago I pack up most of my life into my Subaru and moved cross country to Colorado. I came for adventure and thought it would all play out just like life had back in Vermont. I was wrong. It's been one of the hardest transitions in my life and even though I knew it would be hard, I never expected it to be THIS hard. People seemingly have enough friends here and don't want to share trail secrets. I get it, but when you come from an incredible friendly and welcoming community I was perplexed. It's been the hardest thing to date, still 1 year later, I don't really have friends here that I can just call up whenever or randomly show up at their house to hang out, whether they are home or not. I have made some friends and I cherish their friendship, but as a whole, it has not been easy. 

So I decided that it was time to stop making the excuses and travel. Part of why I chose to move to where I did was because of the access to other areas it provided. I find that even though I have only lived here one year the opportunities that have come up to travel and see more of this wild west country, to a girl from the east coast has been absolutely spectacular. I have been to 4 National Parks since April, spent countless nights camping and all while in the company of my dog! I don't travel anywhere without Kit. Sometimes I wish I had a bigger network out here so I could leave her behind, but then the reality is she loves adventures just as much and with a little extra planning, I never regret bringing her. 

While to many people it seems that yes, I do travel a lot, and I do BUT it also comes with the sense of desire and urge to continuously see and explore new places. Even if I camp and work on my podcast in a new location, I love the thrill of getting there. Solo road trips (with Kit) allow me to escape the day to day, forget about the struggle moving to a new place, binge on podcasts and get out and camp more. 

I currently have a list 2 pages long of places I want to visit this summer and I've had to take a step back and realize it's more important to go to one place slightly longer and get a true experience rather than rushing around driving continuously to just see as much as possible. And for all of those to not be fooled I do work 40 hours a week, plus I am starting my own business/ podcast, pick up odd jobs here and there and volunteer with a non-profit. So on top of my drive to travel, I have this work ethic and I don't do well sitting still or only in just one job for long. I work my ass off and then get 3-day weekends, when I do a lot of my podcast work, and I also call my weekends vacations, because then they just seem to be more fun! It's all about perspective, I am lucky enough to have 3-day weekends every single week so these mini-vacations allow my travel, but you better believe that there are also the times where I am busting my ass to get shit done and working hard in order to make the travel happen. 

Social media, only typically shows, the best of's from our lives and adventures, and as long as we do not get distracted in that as the constant reality there is always a story behind it with a little more than what you are seeing. I travel because I'm lonely and seek new adventures, but I also work my ass off to feed my passion of seeing new places and visiting friends. 

- See you on the Road!