The Road I Travel

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth.”
- Robert Frost

Roads are long and winding just like the different paths throughout our lives. You follow along until you hit a detour, you exit, or just plain get lost.  Roads are there to guide you while traveling throughout life. In life like on many roads you can run into unexpected detours. They will mess up your directed path but some how tend to work out. Roads also have designated exits similar to when you make serious decisions it is like getting off of an exit; you know where you are going and what you want to do. When lost on a road you tend to drive around until finding your way again, in life when lost you have to navigate around yourself in order to figure out  what you truly are looking for in order to get back on track. 

They are also an escape to an alternate reality because driving along them the scenery is constantly changing. They change with every twist and turn along the way and with the seasons. Every road has its own character some are peaceful and others are hectic. Sometimes I like to get in my car with my dog and just drive with a "rough idea and plan" to see what happens and where it takes us. 

To be successful in life we must have inner peace. This inner peace happens when we are satisfied with ourselves and not “lost” on the roads. By taking time for myself I achieve inner peace and I am happier in life. It involves immense mind concentration and control with the ability to tune out the rest of the surrounding world. It enables me to take a step back form my busy schedule and relax.

Adventuring in the woods; whether it be on a bike or hiking, I am able to take in all of the natural beauty in the world around me which I normally do not see anywhere else. The birds chirp, a stream flows and little wild creatures run freely. There is a welcoming presence to nature. It makes me want to set up a tent and just camp for a while and not worry about anything else because that is where I am at peace.

Sitting on the shoreline listening to the “whooshing” of the waves rolling in and out creates a peaceful setting. Occasionally boats pass by with roaring engines but with in a few minutes the sounds die down again and all I can hear is the whooshing and gawking of the seagulls.

It is simple items in life which temporarily put the rest of the world on hold, and allow the mind to be at peace and unmoved by everything else. Nature provides a tingly sensation, I feel like a little kid who is about to go spend the day “getting lost” in something that is bigger than me. The whole world is paused as we take in everything all around. When we leave the woods or shoreline and go back to normal life but we still have a feeling of peacefulness and this calm tranquility left over from the outdoors. The peacefulness lingers, it wants everyone to be at ease because when we are at ease we are at peace with ourselves.

The world is not always a peaceful place. Within everyone there is some form of tension and stress almost all the time. It is therefore essential to create positive and calming thoughts to bring peace to our mind. Inner peace is essential to go somewhere and be someone making a difference in this world, and without it I would be lost.