support networks

Support Networks


We spend all of our lives meeting and greeting different people from our backyards to all over the world. Our travels and journeys bring us to many different places. When I was younger I used to find myself aligning my friendships with the people who I though I should be friends with- maybe they were cooler in my eyes, or could help me better my career, or they just seemed to know everyone and everything that was cool and going on in life. But the ups and downs of life have taught me the best friends are the ones you mostly least expect it from and those are the people to cherish. Your true friends will bend over backwards for you and listen to your hopes, dream and fears. It's about the friends and family that you choose to surround yourself with. I spent the last year feeling "lost" I went through a lot of personal life changes- and made sure I always took time outside to reconnect and I have finally begun to no longer feel lost in life thanks to good friends, changed responsibilities, people who believe in you and your dreams and life goals. I don't have it all figured out BUT it's getting to where I am now that has been a interesting journey and there are so many wonderful people to than along the way. What I have learned above all else is that by getting rid of the negative people and only surrounding yourself with the positive people through a supportive environment.

My entire trip west is based around these good friendships not only am I going on this trip for myself but also to create and rekindle old friendships because some of my friends out there were some of my best friends before they moved. Working in the outdoor industry leads to a lot of transitions and transitional jobs for many people. So often I feel lucky to meet different people as they are just merely "passing through" to their next life journey, I have met some of my closest friends that way. When you have a connection with someone don't loose them as a friend, make an effort because if they are truly awesome you will be friends forever with stories to last a lifetime.