Singles on The Chairlift


Here is a ode to riding as a single on the chairlift. Filing into the doubles line I have discovered that today, this line moves faster. So I am standing single, in the doubles line. For me riding single is the most fun on double chair, because then the person next to you has to have a conversation- especially if you keep talking to them. I have made more friends, had more interesting conversations and told funny life stories while riding as a single on double chairs. To me riding single, tripes or quads can be impersonal - more people to ignore each other. This is why the beauty of the double chair is perfect it gives you a reason to connect with the person sitting next to you. You never know who you will ride up with- from small children, to cute guys to grandparents gushing about their grandkids learning to ski there is always an interesting story. Maybe it is my conversational nature but I love striking up conversations with strangers. Who knows maybe you will go ski together, explore some woods, get slightly cliffed out and then enjoy a beer at the bar and laugh about it afterwards.

See you on the chairlift.