Dirt Under My Nails


I want to live life with dirt under my nails because I've been outside all day long I want my hair and clothes to smell like camp fire because it's a source of warmth and a community gathering space

I want to be barefoot- all day, every day- this is the greatest feeling of freedom

I want to look sun-kissed because it will show I've spent time outside

I want my soul to be free to roam about the mountains with less structure to my lifeIMG_1178

I want to dance all the time- even if no one is watching

I want to embrace the mess that I am- living sporadically and freely

I want someone to come hold my hand and kiss me in the moonlight of the mountains or wherever we may be in the moment

I want to live wild and free, just you and me

Take me for who I am and set my soul free