Spread Joy

I want to live in a world where females are recognized for their passion, talent, drive, self-discipline, and HEART instead of solely on their outer beauty. Where we believe in ourselves and every other woman out there, unafraid to chase our dreams. We are strong, beautiful and sexy and those traits should not define our success. I want to be remembered for the stories I tell and adventures I’ve had, not what I look like.  

I can hang working in a gear shop of all guys and really enjoy having a good beer. But I’ve also worked my ass off in every job I have held, and each job builds on the last even though on paper they may seem all unrelated. I’ve got a Bachelors and almost done with a Masters but frankly, those should not matter because no matter what I am intelligent. I may not be following a “traditional” path in life according to many, but it works for me and really, it’s just about having fun. I would much rather be writing, biking or skiing.

If you tell me I can’t do something that only fuels the fire for me to do it more. I am a wild dreamer, for better or worse. My passion is spreading the joy of playing outside and getting everyone else just as stoked, as I am all the time. It’s about the adventures small and large alike; they show the highs, lows, love, romance, and personal growth. Life is a story, so make it a good one and enjoy the ride.