Don't Forget to Duck

Clutching my water bottle in attempts to hydrate, I stopped dead, and looked up through the ski boots, in order to finish my sip. “What do you mean it might be snowing out?” I ask my co-worker. “Yea, it might be dumping out right now as we speak, we’re supposed to get like 10” or something like that….” he stated.

We had just finished tuning our set of snowboards for the night. It’s late October and we’re gearing up for the winter rental season. But 10” and maybe snowing outside right now? I was perplexed. Being new to the area I have NO idea what to expect other than snow and hopefully lots of it.

We finished up in the shop upstairs and headed down to where there are windows…. The light’s reflection of the inside of the shop did not give me a clear view at first as he walked over to the door to make sure it was locked… “No snow, but it was snowing up Valley when I left…”

I was crushed because for a brief several minutes I believed we might have several inches or maybe even just a dusting outside that fell while we were working. No such luck. So we closed up the shop and walked outside. I stopped and stood still, “it feels like winter and snow.”

There are some things that never seem to change in life and I really hope they don’t, because one of those is the pure joy and excitement I feel when the seasons are changing or the night before a potential BIG snowstorm. I am like a 5-year-old child on Christmas morning, if I was once tired and exhausted I somehow snap out of it, full of energy and excitement giddy for the thoughts of the future snow. I really do love it; every single different flake is special to me.

But next time, if I do walk out and there is snow everywhere, I’ll probably throw a snowball, because who doesn’t love throwing snowballs?