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Powder Panic in Utah


Powder Panic- an anxious overexcited feeling that many people, particularly locals, get after not having seen much snow fall in a month. I was in Utah and there was a storm in the forecast, up to 12"..... I had driven from Wyoming to Utah for the snow and to use my Mountain Collective at Alta and Snowbird- that was my plan. Ok, so it was not much of a plan but in the end it all worked out. IMG_3906

I had the opportunity stay with my friend Justin who I used to work with at The Outdoor Gear Exchange in Vermont, I only ended up skiing Alta for 3 days but got the storm and had a personal local tour guide as well.

I drove Westward to use the Mountain Collective Ski Pass. That was the purchase to ensure that I did two things on my bucket list: 1. Cross Country Road Trip and 2. Ski out West. Getting a powder day in April was only a dream of mine.


Utah- the place of light and fluffy powder- epic storms and terrain. I showed up on the eve of a storm- I was over excited because I might actually have a chance to ski some real Utah powder. Day 1- was my figure out the resort day- if it was going to snow I needed to figure out where to go. Day 2- Storm Skiing- I met up with a friend from college who work's at the Gold Miner's Daughter and he showed me around the mountain- a much better tour than some of my exploring the previous day. Plus 2 laps on the very frozen and firm high traverse with Justin on his lunch break. Day 3- POWDER DAY!!! There was a storm total of 10" Justin had the day off and I got the official tour from a local. While I have skied this much snow before it had been a while and I was thankful to have Justin take me around the mountain until I could barley ski any more. I only ended up skiing at Alta, but I got the best turns I have had all season!

This trip to Utah proved to be one of many firsts and I could not stop laughing the whole day- I guess after skiing down my first bowl filled with fresh untracked snow laughing and smiling Justin's response was priceless- "Looks like your having fun" I couldn't stop smiling.