Go West and Ask Questions


There is nothing like driving cross country to cause you to ask yourself so many questions about the culture, landscape of the rest of the country. Like: Why does Kansas have brick silos? How much oil does Kansas produce? Why is it snow flurries in Indiana and Missouri and not Colorado right now? What happens to wind turbines when tornadoes come through- does the wind tear them apart and send them in a million different directions? Why when the speed limit is 75 mph that that is around what most people do- I see more people going 90 mph when it's 65 mph back east... I want to know about the rock and soil structure- etc etc. I successfully made it all the way from Vermont to Colorado (and soon beyond)- the adventures are just beginning in the mountains but I have to say the flat lands were entertaining as well. From tumble weeds literally blowing across the highway to random and rural gas stations there is nothing that surprises me but at the same time I am still surprised by so many of the encounters that I have. While traveling so far I have met some of the nicest people who are nothing but over the top friendly and generous and well if I actually lived where they do I think we would be friends.


It is not until you leave the bubble of the East Coast in a car, driving through 11 states just to reach Colorado (yes, I did take a more round about way), do you really begin to realize and understand where our food comes from, what those landscapes look like. I have a better appreciation for truckers who literally do keep our country moving because they transport everything all over the country. Sometimes I wonder how many times certain products might travel across the country going from distributors, to retailers and then being sold online to consumers....


While I know I could not live in the middle of the United States for many people it is a place of comfort where they grew up, moved to, love and cherish. I have similar strong feelings towards the East Coast and Vermont and I know many people would never want to live their either. We all have our geographical comfort zone, I really love Vermont but I have a feeling some of these western mountain towns are going to grow on me.... and maybe even the ones that I least expect.