human motivation

Do What You Need

Vacations, Instagram, Facebook, they all lie. Our culture tells us that what we see online is a reality and that everyone else is probably having more fun than us, not only right now but every day. We are told to spend an entire year saving for a week or two to escape our lives. We call it vacation, and then we post about it online.

And even though I drove across the country last spring for SIX whole weeks traveling, it wasn’t a vacation there was also work involved. And it was fun, but it was like living a normal life, just out on the road, and I just happened to be living in a difference location every few days or so.

To me the most important aspect is having a sense of adventure. It’s what we do when we are not on vacations that leave the impressions and builds character. It’s the every day adventures. I choose to live in areas that many people pay THOUSANDS of dollars to vacation at, and for me, it’s just my backyard and everyday life. Mountain town living is living in an alternative reality sometimes.

But when you live where you want to live, and do what you want to do, then everyday is almost like a vacation and you are leading a life that makes you happy.

For Love, Passion and Yourself - Do What YOU Need