Quit Making Excuses in Life

Excuse Me...

Yes you, why are you complaining? Quit making excuses in life; go out and do something and make you own path. While this may sound harsh to some, I wish I had had someone tell me this several years ago. The more excuses we have the further we are from our dreams becoming a reality. Life is full of uncertainty and that is OK. If you have the opportunity- take a risk- see where it leads, whether it works out or not you still have the experience and the story to tell later in life.

Here I am sitting before you now- writing this post while having 22 million different thoughts running through my head…. Was this the right decision? Am I happy? What if I made the wrong decision? Why wouldn’t it work out? Am I ready for this? Do I have enough money?

I made the pilgrimage that every outdoor enthusiast and skier from the east coast dreams about. It’s just taken me a little bit longer to get there. I came for a job, powder and endless mountain biking. I packed up Subaru, two months ago, with my trusty companion Kit (the dog) and drove from Vermont and moved to Colorado.

If you have been following me throughout this journey you can see, it is of adventure, self-discovery, some mishaps and more often than not great stories. In the world of the outdoor enthusiasts and working in the outdoor industry, I sometimes feel I was “late to the game.” I didn’t begin skiing until I was 19, nor had I ever gone camping in a tent, white water kayaking, surfing, rock and ice climbing, long distance hiking before college and then learning to mountain bike at 22! What a journey it has been and while I am still young (27 almost 28) I decided I needed to make the “epic” and overly built up move WEST!

I moved from one small town next to a major ski destination to another small town outside a major ski destination. It was a risk, yes, but one that I believe was worth taking. If you never challenge yourself and take personal life risks than you will live a life of dissatisfaction and uncertainty.

It's the little things that matter, sometimes you have to trust people- and when you do magical things can happen. Last March was the month for new beginnings for me and the past year and a half has been one of growth, hope and taking new risks. I stopped making excuses and started making decisions. These decisions led to wonderful and yet scary at times life changes. Life sends you lots of tips and hints- it's just picking up on them.