Why Colorado?

This is a question I still get all the time after moving here at the end of June. At first my response was to explore bigger mountains. But that was half true, because I basically felt I needed a change, applied for several jobs, took one and left Vermont. The hurried action of leaving caught up to me this summer, nothing was well planned, and my original thoughts and plans were not panning out, the way I had envisioned them doing. And then after thinking I had set up the coolest internship for my graduate program it fell through, after months of hoping and waiting on it.

Then it was September and I realized I needed to focus, I had been spending all of my free time mountain biking and hiking. It was like going back to school mindset that I needed in order to refocus. I was determined that come hell or high water I was going to finish my Masters Program this spring. I looked at every option possible either 2-3 classes or so left. I debated, and changed my mind several times and then a miracle happened.

I now have the COOLEST internship doing exactly what I want to do. I am the Eco-Intern for the No Man’s Land Film Festival. What does that mean and what do I do? For my graduate school practicum I am helping to enhance the No Man’s Land Film Festival’s environmental program and statement by articulating the parallel between adventure, women and environment. I also get to help plan and organizing several events and writing website content… more or less. It’s perfect. Had I rushed into anything else I would not be this happy, motivated and driven to finish up school. And all I have left is this internship class and my applied professional project class and then BOOM- I will have a Masters of Science in Environmental Studies!

But what is the reality of me finishing up my masters? Well, for starters even though I moved to Colorado, I am actually skiing less, really a LOT less than normal. Not seeing snow on the ground outside my apartment window does help in the sense of getting schoolwork done but it almost feels like I am not living in a wintery area, at least not yet.

It’s been an interesting time transitioning here. I spend a lot of time adventuring by myself and with my dog. But hopefully after the holiday rush at my jobs, in January I can get WAY more skiing done. But it turns out the real reason I moved to Colorado, was to be able to finish up my masters program even though I did not now it when packing everything up a few months ago, and that will be a huge relief.