A New Home

Colorado. Where you find that Rocky Mountain High John Denver Sings about and the stunning backdrop for beautiful landscapes.

Almost a month ago, I packed up my Subaru with most of my life’s worldly possessions, including my dog and drove back across the country to Colorado. I came for a job, change and new beginnings.

It has been a change for sure and a very positive one at that. It’s not easy though to pack up move away from all of your family and friends to a new are where you know next to no one have no family and realize while you are there that well, it’s time to “grow up.” I had to grow up in a sense of letting go of the stability and comfort I was used to and learn to embrace the unknown, loneliness, change, being really tight on money and learn to adapt and start meeting people.

Since moving here I have gotten out to acclimate as much as possible. I have been hiking, mountain biking and trail running along with the grand tour de Carbondale of walking my dog for over an hour all around town some nights just because I can!

I have never been this active while maintaining a 40 hour a week job, and I can truly say I have never been happier. I had to discover and become comfortable with myself, loneliness, my feelings and getting used to being somewhere so far away from what I am used to.

I work with and have met some truly incredible people here. It is a very welcoming community and I learned if you just ask questions it makes transitions easier. I ask a lot of questions. But it’s because I am curious and want answers. I’ve gotten really good at looking at maps, driving in lots of circles, making lots of U-turns and not getting upset or frustrated if things don’t go as planned. I just roll with the punches and everything seems to work itself out.

But what this really is all about is learning to accept and adapt to change in our lives. Everyone goes through changes major and minor, it does not matter we all see change. I'm still new and learning but change isn't necessarily  bad thing, its a great way to grow.