Summit County



Colorado- The mecca for so many of the East Coast. I've been here twice before once in summer and once in the early fall. It was beautiful, unique and BIG... everything is bigger in the mountains here which makes it so appealing coming from Vermont. Everyone seems to love Denver and Boulder and while I appreciate them for being unique and different, I struggle with the fact that both are father away from skiing than I would ever like to be. Thankfully there is mountain biking and other adventures close by but for me, the skiing is to far away with traffic in order to get there.


Venture out into Summit County and you get the mountains everywhere with lots of little cool towns that even have a fun vibe for locals and not just tourists. I think I lived in Summit County I would pick Frisco- I've had several friends live there over the years and every time I have visited and stayed there it has my type of vibe in the town. I have only skied Keystone while visiting my friend Brooke, but it was a lot of fun. Keystone is now officially the first mountain I ever skied out west and for that it will always hold a special place in my heart- especially on this trip. There is something to be said about being used to living in a mountain town community and then showing up in another. The people are all similar just in different locations, the same cast of characters and for me the same great feeling of why so many of those people are there.... for the love of the mountains and in the winter it's for the snow.


Every time I go into a store here in Colorado and people ask how my day it going I have realized that saying "great, it's sunny" well is normal here, and I just get looks like yea, it's always sunny here. With over 250 sunny days in most areas, this is a huge change from Vermont. In 3 days skiing alone I have begun to develop a nice goggle tan! I am hoping I will have my first ever solid goggle tan by the end of the trip maybe distinctive enough that I go and get a new drivers license just to prove it.


Next on the list for skiing I spent a day at Snowmass and a day at Aspen Highlands and while sometimes because I was skiing alone I hold myself back- I really enjoyed the terrain. With the spring time melt and corn snow many of the more challenging trails were closed so I am looking forward to future mid-winter ski trips to see these mountains in their full glory. I really was amazed by the terrain at Highlands- there is a lot of cool looking stuff there. As for towns in that area and exploring and checking out new places I have hand fallen in love with the town of Carbonedale.  Carbondale is located right outside of Aspen in the Roaring Fork Valley.  Not only is there a great downtown, community feeling but also: mountain biking, fly fishing, skiing and rock climbing all around. And then there is Mt. Sporis such a stunning mountain. It is now on my bucket list as a tall peak to climb.  I will be back in Colorado again in 3 weeks, volunteering for the 5Point Film Festival in Carbondale, I am excited to spend more time exploring the area and getting to know the locals secrets.

But for now.... I'm off to Jackson Hole!