Steezy in a Fleece Dress

The other day while at working at The Outdoor Gear Exchange I got a compliment (or at least that's how I am taking it) that surprised me. One of my male co-workers came up to me asking about my sweet "Mele" dress. He was referring to the fleece dress I was wearing  made by Melenzana. As an owner of several Melenzana pieces he was unaware that they made a dress. I informed him that it was relatively new AND incredibly comfortable which was why I had put it on when it was in the 40's, rainy and overcast that morning. As he was walking back to the front of the store he told me that the dress was Steezy- never in my life had I thought a fleece dress could be Steezy- but then it is stylish and super comfortable. You should get one today here. Steeze Style in my Melenzana Micro-Grid Fleece Dress.