Freeride Tour

A Passion Deep Within


For the Love of the East. While I may be busy bustling around trying to finish planning and getting ready for my first drive cross country to ski out west for the first time ever- I have this soft spot in my heart for The East. Maybe it is because it's where I live and learned to ski but this winter has redefined my love, respect and passion for where I choose to live and why.

Under The Tram at Jay

This winter I not only paid for my first season's ski pass by not working for a mountain but I also have been touring around with friends for the Ski The East Freeride Tour. I was not competing but rather going to help, support and show my love and passion for being an East Coast Skier. The camaraderie, passion and fun along with chances/ excuses to go and ski several different Eastern Resorts has changed my view of Skiing The East- forever. Not only did I get to help judging one  of the events and taking photos for the Ski The East Instagram account, but I have discovered this passion that lies in everyones souls.

Sugarloaf, Maine

Eastern Skiers have a fiery passion making us a breed apart. From tight trees, variable conditions and relentless weather, The East has helped to produce some of most talented tough as nails skiers in the world. We share a common identity and way of looking at the mountains, which is positively. A 4 inch storm is a powder day, -7F is mild for January. I never thought I would feel as comfortable as I do sliding sideways across blue ice that sometimes you find in the middle of a run. We are diehards, ready to make the most of any amount of snow, precipitation and temperatures all for a few runs.


When springtime begins to roll around, we are all relieved for warmer temperatures, sun, corn snow and spring bumps. But deep inside lives the diehard who survived the whole winter, this is just a reward for putting up with all of the harsh conditions from the last several months. And when the temperatures dip again after being warm for several days, it feels tropical because it is nothing compared to what we have already endured this season. I've already walked outside barefoot- just because I can.