The Pursuit of Snow


Every fall- the ski movies begin their tours, local shops begin advertising for winter and enthusiasts alike begin taking bets on the first snowfall and the first skiable snowfall. The first “skiable” snowfall has a different definition to everyone. This past Sunday I went out in pursuit of snow, I knew that the socked in mountain tops meant snow so I headed to Mt. Mansfield.

Equipped with a daypack and my dog, Kit, we began to venture up the Long Trail. It was snowing; Kit and I were in heaven. We hiked the Long Trail to Profanity and then reached the summit. It was icy and very windy on the summit but it was snowing and we had made it.

Upon getting off the mountain and back home Facebook showed me some of my friends had skied some fast grass at Stowe and another photo showed me if I had not hiked I could have gotten a stunning photo of Stowe and the newly acquired snowfall. And that just shows that the first snowfall means something different to everyone and it’s all about what you make of it.

This adventure was just what I had needed to really get into the winter spirit. There is nothing quite like getting out and reconnecting with snow for the first time- every fall. It’s your long lost friend that has taken a vacation allowing you to enjoy other things in life.

I hope you too are getting out and enjoying the fast changing seasons- winter in full force will be here before we know it. Happy Snow Adventures!