How I got Outdoorsy?

So I have been asked a lot recently and figured it was time to make this post. 

I didn't grow up camping, hiking, downhill skiing or mountain biking; these are all passion that I have developed over the years beginning in college. I was a kid who was introduced to nature, spent countless hours at the beach playing in the sand and on the rocks and then encouraged to run amok in the woods doing everything from "taking naps" to building forts. We also took a yearly week long vacation to "the woods" of New Hampshire where I learned to Nordic ski and ice skate. When I was going into middle school my family moved to suburban New Jersey and I pursued Irish Step dancing followed by a high school career in running cross country and track year-round. But I guess I knew in the back of my mind that, that careless sense of adventure and freedom in the woods was missing. So when it became time to look for colleges I searched for 2 things: a journalism program and an outdoors program where I could learn to downhill ski. I discovered St. Michael's College in Vermont and the rest seems to be like history. 

I like to research especially for things like college. So when I got to St. Mike's I knew that I wanted to join their Wilderness Program, I got lucky and was accepted as a new instructor program and from there the learning began. It started with camping, rock climbing, sea kayaking, and telemark skiing. I wasn't that good at any of them but they had faith and I persisted. By the end of my freshman year I was chasing professional certifications in rock climbing and sea kayaking plus obtained my Wilderness First Responder! Every trip was an adventure in learning, it was all new, fresh and exciting. From there I started learning as much as possible by the time I graduated form college I had been: Sport Climbing in Mexico, Sea Kayaking in South Carolina and off the coast of Maine and Rhode Island, learned to telemark and alpine ski, Thru Hiked Vermont's Long Trail (274 miles), led incoming freshman's WOW weekends leading introductory trips, white water rafted, etc. It was a great start to a passion and career.

From there I continued working within the outdoor industry and was a Summer Camp Counselor at a Climbing Gym, Ski Instructor at Stowe Mountain Resort,  and I have worked every bit of jobs within the industry. I have worked retail, shipping & receiving, sales, customer service, warranty, athlete management, ski technician (tuning and mounting), events, marketing, writing, photography, etc. 

I fell in love and have not stopped. While the work is not always been easy- it's is my drive and passion to remain active and connected to those who share similar interests that keeps me going. 

As for current activities I mostly mountain bike, hike and go car camping when there isn't snow on the ground- and once the snow starts you will find me skiing at the resort or in the backcountry, and if a high pressure system moves in you will see me flailing on telemark gear, because I am still convinced I will be good at it one day! 

I hope this helps and if you ever have any questions- don't hesitate to ask, I am open book. And love to talk!