A Curious Soul

I’m one of those creative types. I’m all about extracting meaning from experiences and translating it into my writing.  I love to write, and read others writing. I am curious and almost always “ready-to-go”, waiting for or planning the next adventure. Whether the adventures are far away or in my backyard, there is always something to explore.

I dream BIG. I’ve traveled, lived out of both a backpack and a car and I love the connections I have made through my travels. I am a creature of comfort and sometimes just sitting at my desk is all I need, but the travels and adventure fuel my spirit, and inspire my future.

I want to know who, what where when and WHY about everything. I am a constant learner roaming, seeking, doing and making the big dreams a reality.

I have called a variety of landscapes home, from the Atlantic Ocean Beaches in Massachusetts and Rhode Island to the luscious Green Mountains of Vermont to the now rugged landscape of Colorado.

I believe that outdoor travel, adventure and wilderness wanderings are what keep me grounded and are essential for leading a healthy life. A good cup of black tea, helps me settle and put everything into perspective and sort out any of life’s questions.

I am a gear shop junkie. When I haven’t been working in one, you find me spending lots of free time in them and checking out all the cool gear shops I come across in my travels. It is a full force addiction, I just like to look at all the pretty gadgets and gear.

I am not a master anything, but rather an avid enthusiast who loves attempting to do it all. But given the choice, you will typically find me on my mountain bike, skiing or on a casual hike in the woods.

I am a lazy cook. I have had cheese & crackers or nachos for a meal more times than I care to admit. And I not so secretly love vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles straight out of their respective packaging.

I consider myself an environmentalist, if we don’t protect where we recreate then we will not have anywhere to play.

I guess I am what many people are calling The Modern Outdoorswoman, and that’s probably pretty accurate and I can’t wait see where it takes me next.  



Photo by: Aaron Couch of Destination Reroute