My People

"My people" or as a good friend refers to them as "my tribe."They are the ones I am surrounded  by when I go on adventures. The Van dwellers, pickup truck glampers, and sedans turned into homes on wheels. 

Thick foam mattresses have replaced Thermarest style ones. Car camping or what many refer to as "glamping" is a new lifestyle, in affordability and mobility in order to adventure. It is now more widely accepted to be a "dirtbag" and live out of your vehicle. Frankly, it's helping many people get out of debt and save for the future while adventuring. 

It was not until moving to Colorado where I saw this as a reality. Back East BLM land is not everywhere and the desert is not within a days drive. Out here people escape winter all the time to chase climbing, mountain biking or even hiking. Granted I still love winter and skiing, but more and more there is something appealing to the desert lifestyle. There is something magical about powder days and desert sunshine. While I am just getting started in my desert exploring of the west, I am already trying to plan a semi-vagabond lifestyle traveling for and with events chasing POW both snow and dirt. 

For me my number one concern is always traveling solo with my dog. I love her dearly, but it always takes an extra step of planning for everything and when needing to jump into an apartment it is not that easy, but she is cute and adorable which helps most of the time. 

Right now I travel and car camp out of my Subaru hatch back. I always seem to pack extra when car camping and thankfully I have a Thule box (which has its own story to tell) on the roof to help fit it all.