Don't get too busy "liking" other peoples lives that you forget to "like" and LIVE your own life.

We all do it, even myself. The other morning instead of finishing packing for my trip to Indian Creek I was there online checking in with others.

Idle time is now spent on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and all other social media channels. I am guilty of it too. 

But what happens when you get so wrapped up in the lives of others that you forget to live your life? The online world tells these idyllic stories that only mostly show a partial truth. ANd while that is not always a bad thing, it is often times misleading. while many of us have adventures the perfect pictures often leave out the important part of the stories, like the hardship, struggle, and discomforts along the way. 

When i first began to write this piece I was sitting in Creek Pasture, a camping ground in Indian Creek, Utah waiting for my friends to show up. They were a few days ahead of me and on vacation from Vermont and New Hampshire, they invited me to tag along on their vacation, which my original 2 days turned into 5 days in the desert. it had been far too long without climbing or even camping at this rate.

But for now it's desert season and as the seasons transition I am enjoying soaking up sitting in the sun (always wearing sunscreen, sunnies and a hat).