On Wanderlust

I have this desire to travel and adventure. Two years ago I was utterly lost, confused, newly single and well trying to figure out how to be me again. I spent my first whole year being single thinking I was ready to date, and I wasn't and thinking if I just created another life I would be happy. Well it turns out that I still wasn't me. I needed to discover myself. So November 2014, I left my full time job, took a winter seasonal position closer to home and the mountains and began saving. Come April, typically mud and stick season I was going "WEST" the magical seeming land past the Mississippi. Being from the East Coast and then, living in Vermont it was a magical dream, I was going to go on a cross country road trip with my dog, ski lots of resorts on The Mountain Collective Pass, visit old friends and "find myself." Yes, my goal was to solo road trip and "find myself." After 6 weeks on the road I got home more confused than ever, but went straight into working back at an old gear shop I used to work at and began saving again. This time I was saving to move cross country. I was not sure when or where, I was applying for jobs everywhere but I began sorting through all of my personal belongings and "pre packing" everything in my parents basement, so that if the opportunity struck I would be able to go almost instantly. 

Fast forward to a job offer, a quick last 2 weeks in Vermont, and I was on the road again with my dog, This time the destination was Colorado for a job at a gear shop I had only set my foot inside the door of once in a town I was charmed by. 

I have now been living and working in Colorado for just over 8 months. It has been a whirlwind of ups and downs. I was lucky to find a dog friendly place to live right away but the increase cost of living caught me off guard, and still does all the time. But I have been growing as a person, I have started feeling like my old self again. A lot factors into this. Regardless of my efforts it has been incredibly hard meeting friends here and dating.... well I have met a LOT of toads. I thought when I moved to Colorado I would meet all of these fabulous and welcoming people like the community I was used to in Vermont, and boy was I terribly wrong. Being a very outgoing person this has been disheartening, I have spent more time mountain biking, hiking and skiing by myself than I ever have before in my life. But I have started to discover myself and begun to love myself for who I am again. I don't care what you think of me, (for the most part) I am who I am and love what I do passionately. 

When I stopped judging myself so harshly I began to realize that even thought I am not perfect I am enough. Accepting oneself is a process and once after about two years of confusion and feeling lost, and thinking I was missing out on some life that I was "supposed to have" but didn't anymore I felt FREE.

Free to roam the wild west with my dog, adventuring, attempting to make new friends and having random dance parties when ever I feel like it. Take an active role in your own life, there is always constant improvement and good things happen when you value yourself.