With the new year comes an opportunity to reflect and focus on opportunities ahead. This year, something feels different. We are entering into a new political era where emotions are raw and positive change is uncertain. Nowhere is it more pronounced then within the subject of climate change and environmental degradation. As tough as it may be to remain positive, lots people who are positive and hopeful speaking out and taking a more active role into the future. 

For me being compassionate and moving forward into the new year is having a broad understanding and awareness to see the world holistically. One of my goals is to get involved in local efforts. in October 2016, I moved to a new state, Utah, and have learned that I need to become more active on the local levels.  What I have learned is when you see a wrong doing speak out, do not let people, corporations, or governments get away with unconscious living. Tell people around you what you are doing to lead a more conscious life and be a role model within a community. We need more leaders and less followers, it is the only way we are every going to see a significant shift of consciousness and change in this world. The worst thing you could do is cling to the expression that you are just one person and that you have no significance, because history books have taught us one thing …. And that is all it ever really took was for one person to stand up and speak when no one else would. That is where everything begins.

Anyone that thinks we can have infinite growth on a finite planet is either a madman or an economist.
— Kenneth Bouldering

So we cheers into the new year and look forward to new adventures and challenges. I've been working hard and have BIG plans for this year!