Can You Hold This so I can take a picture?

Excuse me, excuse me please, Can you hold this? Thanks; I need to get this picture! Have you ever held something for someone while they took a picture? Yup, it happens to all of us, we are all guilty of doing it.  But what is really worth taking photos of?

There was once a time when photography was an art form. You found something beautiful, or something representative of a time in your life – be it a few blades of grass or an endless forest, a skyline or mountain – and you would snap your Polaroid and cherish it forever. Now we have a phenomenon that’s become one of the biggest crazes of the 21st century, and that is taking photos of EVERYTHING important or not. Not that I don't love Instagram...

But here is the biggest exception, while in the outdoors, you are typically doing really cool stuff and you want everyone else to see. In order to continue in this is by having the proper etiquette while staging these photo shoots and being quick, efficient, and do a good job! No one will want to go out with you if you are trying to set up elaborate setups that occupy more time than the actual activity. But if you can be fast people love getting their picture taken, especially when it looks cool, to know how badass you are! Trust me I have done it. Done what you might be thinking? Staged a photo shoot while skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking etc.  Because when you upload those photos and post them people notice and comment and it makes you feel good about yourself. Why shouldn’t you? You just spend the day climbing awesome routes or launching off huge drops in the woods or a booter in the park.

So, get outside, continue to have fun and stage great photo shoots, just don’t take too long and burn out your friends on taking photo shoots; you want them to keep going on an epic adventure with you and ruining an outdoor friendship over photographs is not worth it.