The Joy of Skiing

Do you remember your first day on skis? Do you remember when you first felt that feeling of true love for skiing? It takes a lot to capture and preserve these memories.

The feelings and memories are timeless. The pure physical action of getting out and skiing may be constantly evolving with changing with developing ski technologies but the joy of sliding on snow remains unchanged, a timeless feeling. These feelings are emotions are subtle sensations that “Keep The Shred Alive.” It’s a deep story, down to the core driving forward every season.

What is it that you remember about your best ski day ever? Was it the line, a trick or the subtle joys of whom you were with and where you were? Those are the feelings I remember the most, my best memories, are not on the perfect condition days but rather the memories made with friends, just getting out and having fun. It’s always about the laughter. The memories with friends are timeless, they tell a story, and the story they tell is one of subtle sensations and emotions that keep us skiing.

We all have “bad ski days” and it’s typically when working towards pushing yourself physically, and mentally on snow. But if you stop to remind yourself about WHY you are out doing what you are doing this dream type feeling happens and you can rediscover the memories and passion that drive you to ski.

It’s the connection not only with friends but also the natural world that bring the feeling of joy when skiing. The sweat of skinning, the quiet moments in the woods and the laughter with friends, skiing is a reminder that we exist in this huge natural world and we are still tiny, and it is the beauty of nature keeps us going back for more.  

You have to make the best out of everything.