Why We NEED Nature

For those of use who self identify as “outdoorsy” there is one thing we all have in common, our love for the outdoors.

When we step outside, we go beyond the comfort of our homes. We are immersed in a world full of adventure and the unknown. Intrinsically we are drawn to the beauty of nature. When we spend time in it we feel refreshed and recharged. We subconsciously know we belong here. We know it is good for us.

Growing up in several different areas I was not always surrounded by nature. But I have always sought out being surrounded by the beauty of nature, even if only going for a run in a park. I've lived everywhere from a few miles from the ocean, to suburbia, a small city and in the mountains. The ocean is the magical place that brings me back to my childhood memories and I feel at ease sitting on a shoreline listening to the waves roll in and out. Today, living in the mountains, it now is a a mountain bike ride or hike that takes me to these places of beauty when I all of a sudden STOP and realize no one is around me and how peaceful everything is. I always stop to take in what is around me these places are security blankets of sorts, I have always been drawn to them in times of stress. Being in nature allows you to be drawn into the present moment. It always puts things into perspective and resets the mind.

In the day and age of technology, many people are deprived of green space. Sitting in front of a computer all day can be draining for the mind and soul. I am a strong believer that reconnecting with nature holds many benefits for our mental wellness. 

When we Connect with nature here is what happens: 

- Creativity is enhanced

- Energy is improved

- Mental clarity is improved

- Self-esteem is boosted

- Stress, anxiety and depression are decreased

- Overall increase in mood and well-being

This really leaves you with no excuse but to get out there and adventure!! My goal is to help inspire others to connect with nature and explore what is out there. I know I will never be done exploring but every chance we get, even when it's your backyard, it's time to reconnect.