Duty to Protect


 If you love a place you have a duty to protect it.When you love something or someone you want to understand the impact or footprint you will leave behind in its lifetime. We have this desire because when we are gone that is all there is left for others to remember us there by. The same is true for our natural landscape, to best understand your affect you need to learn about your impacts because every decision made leaves an impact. While leaving little to no impacts is the best impact for nature, sometimes that is not possible and that is where environmental education comes into play.The reason for needing all of these believers is to gain more momentum in movements. We need to feel motivated to care about the places we live in and want to protect. A lot of this can be done through creating community support. Community support drives many aspects of people’s lives and when there is a large connection, people want to make the right decisions.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Teddy Roosevelt.

Everyone expresses why nature is important in different ways in regards to their lives- fisherman care about fish and fish sustainability etc. While we may sometimes have deep doubts in certain aspects of environmental issues it only drives a stronger passion into other areas leading people to fall in love with what they care about inspiring creativity and action.

Every environmental education course reaches out to specific audiences to show different messages in hopes to make a connection with at least 1 person. Our significant life experiences, especially with our families can be very powerful. And it is these life experiences that make an impact but to reach the impact depends on an individuals choice to value the significance of an event or not can make all the difference. And sometimes that difference is speaking from experience which allows learners to feel more connected to the educator and what they are saying because they have the first hand knowledge.

Whatever the end result may be: land conservation, recycling, tree planting, composting, creating products with environmentally friendly material, etc- you are building towards and end goal and outcome. And without education, passion, and drive there would not be any successes.