It's With You Forever


Once you have lived in your car its with you forever. After living a nomadic lifestyle for any amount of time, it becomes a defining piece of who you are. Being just over one week out of living in my car all of these sentiments are true, I am still adjusting to a “regular” schedule with commitments like work. And even though I am working side by side so many people that have done this same type of adventure before, I have never felt so alone. In the back of my mind all I hear is the road and my sense of adventure calling me back, while my credit cards and pithy bank account statement are telling me I am making the right decision being back working the “stable” gear shop job. I am unsure of the “what’s next,” knowing adventures are calling.

This trip went way beyond my original intention of being a ski bum traveling from western resort to western resort for a month, to an opportunity to find and figure out my potential while gaining confidence and making connections within the industry in which I have been working ever since graduating college.

These people are “my tribe” I have finally understand that my people or my tribe are those who are outdoor industry professionals. They get me, who I am, my hopes, dreams, adventures and desires, because like myself a sense of adventure and curiosity to life is essential to life.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. - Helen Keller