Vacation Photobomb


Skiing off the top of the Quad at Stowe I glance around- it’s a Saturday- people everywhere. I think to myself, how much nicer was this view when I basically had it all to myself just a few days before hand. As I am skiing along I find myself accidentally photo bombing half a dozen peoples vacation photos. I am the skier that didn’t look up to realize you were staging “the most epic” family, friend, couple photo ever from your vacation here at Stowe. And I am sorry I just photo bombed your vacation photos but if that is not happening then I am used to hearing. “Excuse me, excuse me” (pause) “Excuse me, can you please take our picture.” I am not always sure how I give off this vibe of “yes I live here, and know where I am going- but also the I’m a nice person so I will stop to take that photo for you. So please don’t insult my capability to use a camera. I am 27, technologically proficient and you don’t need to explain how an IPhone works.

As one of my friends says, “if there isn’t a picture- then it didn’t happen.” Pictures are really worth a thousand words because they are the mental triggers to help us remember different events and life moments. I love looking back on old pictures to merely job my memory and have a good laugh about everything surrounding that image. While some days I find my own images to seem ordinary they are extraordinary to most people and my daily photos are most people’s vacation photos.

I live in a resort town and I live here because of the lifestyle and friends I have made- it’s hard to IMG_2018give that up. Money fills your pockets but adventures and friendships fill your soul. I chose to live the lift style I do- and while some days all I might want to do is complain, I can’t and shouldn’t because deep down I know I am living a dream- my everyday life may seem like a vacation to some, but don’t worry I work hard to make this happen- sometimes too much but in the end it all balances out and spending time in the mountains with friends makes any day better.

So next time you find yourself taking a selfie I’ll try to not photo bomb your vacation photos and if you ask nicely I will stop and take that photo for you.