I Get This Feeling


I get this feeling before it snowsI am eager with anticipation I can’t sleep through the night Snow is my muse

I’ll do almost anything just to get the thrill of being outside in the snow I’ve gotten frostbite, sprained ankles, had sore muscles, and shin bang None of these matter because it is going to snow, I can feel it

“Side-wall high” days are just as fun as waist deep ones- It’s all about perspective I know -20 degrees with wind chill And the warm southern winds

I know my friends are there too Their cars in the parking lot Ski goggles and ski outfits that stand out in lift lines If someone isn’t there I wonder why? The conditions are great today- they are everyday.

I love the feeling when it appears you are living in a snow globe A constant flow of lightly falling snow It makes me laugh, all giddy with excitement It has taught me to follow my heart and listen to my gut Neither has failed me yet

I get this feeling after it snows It is the anticipation for the next snow