'Tis the Season for Extra Work

snowy christmas tree

When you work within the outdoor industry and more specifically the ski industry PLUS live in a mountain town, there are certain times of the year when you should take on some extra work. Those are the times when work is plentiful, the skiing is early season, and it's close to the holidays. This is the chance to save some extra dollars before you might have some "sick" days later in the winter. And that time is upon us now. Many of these jobs depend on others spending money in order for our jobs to be successful and exist.  My jobs include: outdoor gear retail, working a warehouse picking, packing and shipping skiing products, and in the past- I have been a ski instructor, worked customer service for a gear company and all of these "small, odd jobs" are not insignificant because they help the cycle of materialism related to pursuing outdoor adventures and having what some people talk about as the perfect ski vacation. Trust me I have been yelled at for ruining someones perfect ski vacation for not having a specific product available in their top color of choice.

As writer Heather Hansman wrote about for powder.com- Skis Equal Skiing. New gear is a sign of a new beginnings and these people including ourselves buying this new gear supports our jobs in mountain towns.

It's the time of year to be excited about new gear, planned adventures getting back into the grove of mountain town living- summer tends to be pretty relaxed around here. Like so many of my friends I do not have just one job- I have a handful depending on the season. But it's times like this as we approach Thanksgiving and roll into the holiday gift buying season where I start to pick up some extra work. I might be working 6 days a week to pay off any debts or begin saving for the dream vacation. But I can also guarantee that even working 6 days a week- I will still be getting out and going skiing- because that is why I am here- to ski. I am a skier, I work with skiers and I would never let the excessive amounts of work stop me from skiing.