5 Words


We all have visions of ourselves in our head of how other people might view us. Upon meeting someone new we all naturally classify people into different categories based on our first impressions. It's a natural reaction to sorting, understanding and processing the people you meet. As someone who works within the outdoor industry and identifies themselves as an environmentalist I guess I too am an outdoor cliché. But I sometimes like to think I am not and that I am really doing my own thing. Except when I sit down and look at the facts, I am probably similar to many other like-minded people. How did I becomes this way? I am not sure because I went to middle and high school in Central New Jersey and where I am now and what I am doing is not what I would have probably pegged myself for doing back then... I wanted to go to DC and be a hard-hitting journalist.... But in the end that's not what I really wanted, just what I thought I wanted.

I didn't ski, bike, hike, climb or camp until I went to St. Michael's College in Vermont and got involved with their Wilderness Program. They took a "risk" on me bringing me in as a leader and training someone with no experience only determination and a fire in my eyes. Well,  that risk has paid off I'm still doing it and loving it more and more every day. I grew up around the ocean as a young child and used to play in the woods when I lived in coastal Massachusetts but I didn't really recognize these things that began fostering my love and passion for the outdoor environment.

In a recent conversation with a new friend, I was prompted to come up with only five words to describe them; after the challenge I turned it around because I wanted to see what I would get... I have always been curious to see what others come up with and how people actually see me versus how I view myself or how I think I might be projecting myself.

Here is what I got:






and FUN! (this was going  over the 5 but added immediately after the original 5)

I am still trying to figure out the intriguing, but then where would be the mystery if I actually understood how I am intriguing. But for the most part I can see how these would fit me without ever having come up with a list for myself.

But try this challenge with a friend see what happens.