Adventure ON


Recently I have been running myself ragged trying to keep myself distracted by a constantly busy schedule and scheduling my entire life via my iPhone... And for what? To still be stressed out, still scrambling for money, and not doing what I really love and makes me happy in life like mountain biking in the summer. At some point of every season I always decide that I should work and do more than I actually have time for in my life and sometimes saying no is the hardest thing for me because I don't want to disappoint anyone or myself. I can currently see the light at the end of the tunnel with working less, and having some scheduled days off. My goal is to break this habit of over working and over stressing myself over life and just relax- place myself around positive people and go on more adventures. I got outside for a long walk with my dog yesterday evening and boy did the nature therapy calm my nerves. I forgot how relaxing it was to walk through beautiful and lush green fields and meadows while looking at the mountains in the distance. I had temporarily forgotten to take time for myself and reconnect with nature- but I don't think I will forget again. Happy Adventures!