Question Life

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We live in a world where our hopes, dreams and desires are often pushed aside by living up to mainstream society- but I fight back. Leading an ordinary life is boring- I want to lead a life filled with adventure- spunk and pizzaz. While at the moment I have one of those typical Monday- Friday jobs I am not satisfied nor am I impressed with how these jobs operate and control people’s lives. Ask many of my friends- I am probably described as an energetic- wild and free soul who has lots of grand ideas. If you are not dreaming and questioning life then what you are doing? That is why I live in the mountains. I go into the mountains to question life and escape the world where I work- it is a freeing and releasing experience to truly let go and live a little.20140404-111352.jpg Do one thing every day that either scare you or has you questioning your sanity. Going for a morning run in -11 degree weather while it isn’t scary it calls your sanity into question. But you will survive and laugh about it later in the day- while at the same time feeling great for having gotten out to do something. Every time I go to spend time in the mountains my world vision becomes a little clearer and the rest of the world a little murkier. And when a human being is creative anything can be possible.