Live Young, Wild & Free

I’m the one wearing a hat to disguise my hair which is going grey and has probably not been washed in several days, so please don't ask when I last showered- I might not know the answer... but I have been trying to keep up with shaving under my arms because… Ewww underarm hair! Bright colors and plaids make my day BUT if I go more subdued it is typically black so I can wear bright and loud hats and scarves. I have never owned an iron or hair dryer and laundry is typically at the bottom of my to-do list.

Life is an adventure so Live Young, Wild & Free.

When the snow begins to fly- you will find me playing in the mountains. When the trails begin to dry out you will find me in the woods ridding my mountain bike. Road bikes and running are a necessity to keep in shape for the real fun activities of skiing and mountain biking- or for Sunday Funday bar hopping on a cruiser bike. Hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, and kayaking are fun too- but skiing and mountain biking always seem to win.

I would rather sleep in my car or pitch a tent, than stay in a hotel. Dressing up is wearing a sundress - but don’t be surprised if I still thrown on a trucker hat.

I’ve got a giant box filled with costumes- wearing tutu’s is my specialty- and don’t be offended if I try to make you wear one too. If you take life too seriously: A. it will never be fun and B. you will never be happy.

I am strong, will take risks and I’m not afraid to voice my opinion. I enjoy doing things that make me happy in life versus making lots of money. I would rather be wondering where the money for my next tank of gas is coming from than having more money than I know what to do with. BUT there is always a little money for a drink at the bar.

Every bit of me has an interesting story to tell- I really hope one day my nose will stop peeling from either frostbite or sunburn… I am working on being better about both of these occurrences.

I can be very stubborn as I have discovered you sometimes only have yourself to rely on so you MUST make everything happen successfully. My dog Kit is my best companion and her pointy ears always melt my heart.

I prefer living my life in skirts and roaming around mountains.