I align myself with brands and organizations as an Ambassador that I am passionate about and genuinely feel that our values and beliefs align. 

SheJumps- Juliana Bicycles- Kind Apparel- Treeline Coffe

SheJumps : I have been working with SheJumps since 2012, when I became an online-volunteer. From there I have written countless blogs, created and attended many events, shared the stoke to dozens if not at least a hundred women, and been through several transitions within the organization from the NorthEast Regional Coordinator to currently and Intermountain Ambassador based in Utah. I love SheJumps because it finally gave me the confidence I had been lacking for years to really pursue my dreams within the outdoors. I’ve gotten to connect with so many wonderful women from all around the world. Some of my best friends have come thanks to SheJumps and events. Learn More about Intermountain Events HERE #IamSJ #GirafficornNation #SheJumps

Kind Apparel : Kind Apparel is a small, female-run company founded on the principles of uniqueness and adventure. As humans, each one of us is entirely unique and different from those around us and our goal is to design and create clothing that celebrates this uniqueness! At Kind Apparel, we're all about being bold and standing out from the crowd. Their designs are also environmentally responsible - each item is manufactured locally by our hands from upcycled and recycled content fabrics. #ShopKind

Juliana Bicycles: Juliana is as much about creating a voice for women in mountain biking as it is about creating the products themselves No matter how much thought goes into their bicycles, it’s the people who ride them that bring them to life. And because Juliana is a stand-alone brand, they enjoy the luxury of uninterrupted focus on these women. From guides to adventurers, pro racers to passionate enthusiasts, they support as many inspirational women as possible and share their stories with others who share the same drive for mountain biking. #GoJuliana 

Treeline Coffee : Treeline was born in the mountains of Bozeman, MT. Formerly Little Red Wagon Coffee Roasters, we are a small batch, artisan coffee roaster in pursuit of an unforgettable cup of coffee. We pride ourselves on sourcing excellent coffees seasonally and roasting each bean to highlight the unique flavors that make for a rich and dynamic cup of coffee. Yes, we are coffee lovers, but we are also adventurers, travelers & outdoor enthusiasts! Treeline is built on the idea that your coffee should fuel you to do the things you love. With that as our motto, we have gone to great lengths to explore creative and innovative coffee solutions that allow our customers to take their coffee on-the-go. #findyourtreeline 

I work with brands that tell a good story and have a purpose.